Tackle tough challenges
in the greatest state in the world

We're looking for top talent in product and program management, civic tech, data analytics, organizational transformation, and operations. Above all, we're looking for team-players who want to support organizational improvement and innovation.

About Us

OPII is a new unit inside the Executive Office of the California Department of Justice. We are a small, mission-oriented team that — working closely with DOJ leadership — helps identify the organization’s biggest needs, tackle tough challenges, and support organizational modernization and performance transformation.


Our mission is to help empower the CA DOJ to deliver a more effective, efficient, and equitable justice system and improve constituent services for all Californians through the deployment of 21st century approaches and tools.

What We Do

Our Approach

User centered

Understanding the challenges and needs of users is key to building better services. We work closely with our customers—within DOJ and with California constituents—to create solutions that better meet their needs by employing a user-centered design philosophy.

Data driven

Data is an enterprise asset and a powerful driver of change. We use it to generate new insights, make informed decisions, provide transparency, and leverage our resources more wisely.

Digital forward

Technology offers the ability to drastically increase impact and effectiveness. We develop digital services that make transactions easier to accomplish and help lead the transition to a tech-powered organization.

Delivery focused

Policy and implementation must go hand-in-hand. We work with management and their staff to ship on-time and on-budget—setting concrete goals, developing project plans and milestones, and undertaking iterative and supportive processes to deliver results.

Example Projects

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